Friday, 14 August 2015

A Super Successful Real Estate Agent Driss Doukari

Driss Doukari is a key member of the well known Ray White Bundaberg sales team. He is well respected and often looked upon by beginners in the industry as a role model here. All over the Central Queensland region, this man with more than eight years of hands-on, relevant experience in the regional real estate market is known for his expertise and the impeccable ability to observe what others miss out so easily.
From corporate client management and real estate property marketing to real estate finance, Driss has had the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in many such areas. It is through such firsthand professional experiences that Driss has been able to ensure consistent results for his clients in the region.
Driss’s customers include a long list of satisfied buyers and sellers all over the Central Queensland area who chose Driss either due to his reputation or because they were referred to him. People find him to be highly professional and yet friendly.
For Ray White, Driss has continually been among the top 10 real estate agents in Central Queensland area. This recognition is not without a reason and if you ever have a chance to meet him in-person, whether at the time of buying/selling a house or for any other purpose, you will know just why he happens to be so popular.
Do you need to run a campaign to sell a real estate property? Your house, may be? Or, are you on the lookout for a good property you can make home? Driss can possibly be of help.  
If you’d like to get in touch with Driss or have any professional requirements at hand that you think Driss can best meet, please feel free to get in touch at 0410 516 309 any time. You can also write to us at or submit an online query. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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